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Anish Kapadia has spent 15 years in equity research at UBS and Tudor Pickering Holt, where he was            

Head of the London Research team covering the global upstream and integrated oil and gas companies totalling >$1 trillion in size, as well as a focus on detailed oil and gas fundamental supply and demand analysis. 

Anish spent eight years as an analyst at the top-rated UBS oil and gas research team covering a combination of European integrateds, E&Ps and refiners. Ranked as a top 10 European oil and gas analyst in the 2010 Thomson Reuters Extel survey 



High impact, differentiated research, having created unique databases on exploration, upstream projects, LNG and decline rates and built models on oil and gas fields in around 50 different countries. Also detailed bottom up understanding of the companies and a good read of the market. Strong investor and corporate relationships through Europe and the US. 

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We are looking to combine deep dive,  fundamental understanding and valuation of assets with a bottoms up approach to forecasting oil and gas supply but crucially with a clear financial and commercial understanding. 

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